Friday, March 26, 2010


Give me another chance, I want to Blow up once again
A innocent guy from a small town, comes to the most-rocking place in the world ,They call it IIT-Bombay .I call it my second home.   All this time when I was here I learned many things, made many friends. I can see a change in my personality over the years.  There is very less time left now , We are leaving IIT. I tend to get senti some-times when I think about it ,so I thought let’s  make a list of things that you will always remember from IIT  , It was quite a thinking to do and this is what I came across’
·         I would always remember ,
o   How I was ragged first time in my hostel.
o    How I screwed up my chemistry exam by looking all the time towards the girl sitting next to me (Man! , It was hard to concentrate)
o   How I got crush on a TA, and How my heart was broken when she got married two years later
o   How in my first year I saw my first live kiss at 2 in the night in the campus
o   The first time I watched censored stuf.. 
o   How my roomie(Gauri)  made me April-fool at 4 in the night
o   How My room was/is always messed up
o   How I was  bit by a mouse sleeping in my room
o   How I was given Bumps on my birthday.
o   How I did a semi-naked dance and a himesh song in front of seniors (as a part of ragging )
o   How I went to give auditons for dance and acting (God!, what was I thinking ! )
o   New year at marine-drive with Batch.
o   How you see a Rain of beautiful girls in the most awesome college fest (MI).
o   PAF…(The good ones and surely the bad ones too)
o   How I got my first free-tshirt.
o   Night-out at Marine-drive, juhu-beach
o   My first tequila shot.
o   First beer, wine, scotch, cigarette.
o   Wing treats .
o   Birthday cakes.
o   Fatte at 3 in the night about what is wrong and what is right..
o   Fatte at 4 , 5 , 6…
o   Fatte at Coffe-shack , Canteens, Mess-table
o   Ditching Quizes  for parties.
o   How The professor  threw me out of the class for talking..
o   How I met with the most awesome friends , some with principals (like Praths) and some random with none at all (like Prashi ). 
I would always remember these things.
Thinking about all this, A feeling is coming to mind.  It is going to over soon .I want to relive it. I want to take it back to the first day, first day when I got in here, all innocent guy from a small town. I want to relive this life.  
Someone said to me, that IIT gives you hell lot of opportunities and you should take full advantage of it, Thinking about it, I don’t think I have taken the full-advantage of the opportunities. But Do I want to? Things that I want to remember from IIT is not what opportunities I took, It’s all the opportunities I missed. I mean If I hadn’t left  The lab at 2 in the night giving up on that stupid assignment, How would I be able to see my first live kiss..  :-).  
If there is a GOD..Please take me back to Day-1..I want to relive it.  Give me another chance GOD!, I want to blow it up once again.


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  2. ladki kaun thi wo chem wali? TA me almost poora batch tere saath hai <\3. Haan but I always knew it was going to happen, so no heartbreak for me. We are "friends" now :P. I too went for dance audition, and to my wonders, I got in \m/. Marine drive wali night was just awesome. One of the best outings I ever had.

    Though, I don't quite agree with the "innocent guy" theory. U were harami right from the first sem.


    1. How my roomie(Gauri) made me April-fool at 4 in the night :P :P
    2. How I met with the most awesome friends , some with principals (like Praths) and some random with none at all (like Prashi ). haha

  4. @somani: dude! I was like a simple guy who was shy and introvert. anyways these were one of the best memories of my four year stay here.

    @gauri:- How I never forgot that night , and took revenge by giving you bumps on Last day at IIT, 29th April(your birthday :-) )

  5. haan saale kitna shy tha maine bhi dekha hai... par ye nahi bataya wo chem wali kaun thi ;-) ?

  6. how dare u call ajmer a small town??? :x

  7. ..and how he had a crush on almost every female TA we have had.

  8. 1 year on, still chem wali kaun hai :P ?

  9. 1 year on, I loved this post more..